For the present editorial “Princes Lionheart” the inspiration was a three-brain deal. Someone visited the location, a very old deserted summer palace, (maybe took some random photos) and thought: “We could do something here...”. Then all of them saw the photos and they all said: “Let’s do that juxtaposition of fairytale and reality but with a twist! Let’s take that dreamlike location and plant in a classical 40’s-50’s girl”. Someone drew a picture. Someone (maybe more than one) looked for the right face to match the picture. The right figure. Someone said: “That girl reminds me of a Lillian Bassman character” Someone said: “I love her.”. Someone looked at the girl and designed a dress and then another one. Someone thought of a makeup. Someone had an idea for the hair. Someone said she needed a bow. And then with all that green around, something should be white. Someone said: “That is true...” They all talk a lot before they do the photo-shoot. That is good. They don’t have to say much during the photo-shoot. That is even better. They try to find something to say after. But the photograph says it all. That is all they wanted to say.
This editorial is dedicated to Nicolas Chatzimanolis, a very talented hair stylist. He was a very special man who is no longer with us, a kind and decent man who left too early. Julie, Evi, Daphne, Stathis and all the people who knew, worked with him, admired and loved him will miss him, only too much